Friday, 22 June 2007

you went back to sleep last night didnt you, you great big gay. haha

i am booored looking through the same things on IGN i look through EVERY damn day. haha i swear i just heard an old woman who works here talking about smackdown 2... i... i dont know how to feel about that... is that cool?... or is she just old and fat and annoying and needs a slap? haha

enjoying the love of your cube my friend?... FINALLY i got Super Sayian Goku last night... it doesnt take that long... i just havnt been playing it much this week. lol

cool though. you alright man? hows it going with you and lis now a days? still copeing with the distance thing alright? i am ALMOST 11 and a half stone... it is taking its time though!!! haha yeah...

the bordum strikes!

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