Wednesday, 27 June 2007

i signed up as Murr..

you should see me, but i cant post yet :o(

Blogger is NO more.

we've upgraded.

get an account and let me know - i'll add you to the forum as admin.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007


Haha, wicked. Pretty funny Microsoft are charging 85 big ones to fix this red circle of DEATH when all it takes is a bit of TLC. Legends.

The next time my PC fucks up i'm going to give it a cuddle and see if it helps.

And mate, me and Lee bought generals a few months ago - bloody brilliant. If you're gonna get it do so on the PC and we can set up some mini tornaments!! I don't think you need much in the way of spec to play it.....

Not heard much from Leeith recently - we all better hope people aren't making him work, that won't be good for anyone....

- Az, he's our hero, gonna take the chinky down to zero.
Yeah I made a thread on this forum I’m a bit of an addict on, and they linked me up to a video on youtube were this kid wraps his broken xbox (it had the red ring of death not the pretty green one) in a towel, left it for a while. Then turned it on and it booted up.

I failed to believe this but then browsing through my latest 360 mag it said people doing the same thing found success with it… so ryan tried it last night and somehow it worked, so I gave it a go, thinking that surely it wouldn’t but somehow it did. Pretty damn cool though cause it saves me £85 to get it repaired by Microsoft… £85 just to wrap it up in a towel, how gaybar!

Man I love C&C Generals. The Chinese have some meathead tanks, “I Will Crush”… makes me laugh. I need to get this, but will probably end up getting it on 360.

Minimum if we just somehow stop sleeping, or find away to live without sleep we can DO all the random shizzle we need to. If only there was a way to get redbull on a drip… *thinking about weekend experiment*

Murr - Out!

360 fix.

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as you can see i'm having a field day with this.

anyone else a little worried about how good my interpretation of a 360 having just taken a shower is?.....
so let me get this straight. Your 360 breaks.... and to fix it you wrap a.... TOWEL around it? Okay, this raises two questions..... why!!!? and who the hell discovered that? It's not like you wrap your console up because it's "looking a bit cold" and accidently discover it actually solves your problem. Microsoft sure are handing out some mean technical assistance....... "err... yeah yeah, just wrap a towel around it and you're golden!" fucking weird. haha.

On a less crazy note, check out the trailer for C&C 3 on the PC ^ DAAAAAMN that looks fun (Murr, not sure if you're into strat gaming, but if not you should DEF get in on it.) Me and Lee go through phases of gaming.... we usually buy a game, play it for like 3 weeks straight and then never play it again.... (purely lee's fault.)

There should be more hours in the day for random shit... don't you agree? and those hours should fall AFTER work hours. We should change the day to 30 hours, meaning you get an extra 6 purely to play games, sort out your mp3 player, link up the perfect stereo system, read the whole bible.... you know, whatever.
my Bluetoothe name is Murr-Der... *ahem* quite fitting.

im gunna be away from the pc again alot today, so not to many posts or emails im afraid.

So, my xbox 360 works again… I am a genies ass.

You heard about wrapping it in a towel and turning it on? well apparently people who have done this it has repaired their 360’s. my mate ryan tried it last night then text me saying it fixed his. So I tried it and boom my 360 is now working again, so im back on live. Lee you need to get Live, and Az, you need a 360 and live, get some mega rainbow 6 vegas games on the go.

oh and for the record Fantastic 4 Silver Surfer... SUCKED... Shrek the 3rd was much much better.. may aswell Buy Ghost Rider on dvd on Monday.. that was cool!

Murr - Out!

Monday, 25 June 2007

No. But you CAN treat yourself to 30 seconds of intence joy by watching this mildly amusing gif image....

Mate, I knew F42 would be shit all along, I knew they'd ruin something as cool as the silver surfer, how could they not.


I fancy a game of C&C, you still got it installed???

Az - bumhead extrordinaire

Giant Nads

I'm glad someones jealous, I don't get much credit for it, especially not from the other goats in the field.

At least your weekend sounds eventful dude.... why do none of MY friends ever suprise me with trips to the beach? =( *sob sob*

What's your bluetooth name man? Unless it's "nozzy" I don't got it.

Where oh where is leeith this afternoon?.... Better hope he's not being forced into work, he will NOT be happy.

Az-io hare

my weekend comprised of nothing more than, Playing Wii, Arguing, Sex and Going down Forbidden Planet to be honest. haha

and THAT is how i feel at the moment

saw Fantastic Four 2 the other day... and it was mostly awful. good special effects... but bollux all round.

ALTHOUGH i did watch Momento the other night, and that was really cool actually

i REALLY am bored now *sigh*... any decent websites i can enduldge myself in anyone?

Lee, is Dead inside.
i forgot to "sign out" from my last post...

and im jelous of your sex....

i miss sex :o(

Murr - Out!
my weekend was odd..

Friday drunk then stumbling to Lindseys till 2, then stumbling home...

Saturday was bizzare in that i was picked up by luke, told to take a pillow and sleeping bag, then told i was staying in a tent on a beach in swansea. was pretty awesome, got drunk, ate loadsa bbq food, played football at midnight then went in the sea at 1am... and it wasnt that cold.

oh and i lost my voice friday night and am struggling to talk now, it's almost back but not quite, as i said to Az, its like puberty again, just without the growing of hair in un-holy places and the acne.

not a clue on the bluetoothe distances, well mines on all the time, and im working in walnut level 3 this afternoon, so quite close, bluetoothe me up see if it works.
i reckon i may end your mum.

haha i'm sorry dude, that was totally uncalled for... but I couldn't help myself. I just have a habit for kicking people whilst they're down, Lee will undoubtedly agree.

How was everyone's weekend?

Mine went sex. party. headache. sex.

Murr... I'm not sure on the bluetooth radius limit. Think it'll reach between neighbourhoods?

Az, crime buster of the sea.

Friday, 22 June 2007

reckon i may end my supervisor.

what a douche,

she wouldnt let me go at 3, ended up headin home at 4.14 (exact time)

im now entilted to 2 days off flexi....

Murr - Out!

well if we're all doing it...


I like the lion-o costume, you've got one just like it from anne summers don't you Lee? Might even have to borrow that sometime.......

I think we should sign out when ending a blog, I don't have a clue who is who anymore, and there's currently only three of us using it, haha.

Aaron-Huge Balled-Nicholas



FUCKING Brilliant
yeah well i have Live, once my 360 is fixed i'll be back on rainbow 6 vegas,

but both you should get live and halo and get some killing on..

and halo 3 is looking sexy!

Murr - Out!
thats pretty much my weekend pass time, so i reckon i can handle the initiation.

2 hours and 20 minutes till i can go home *hopefully* that pint at the end of the tunnel is becoming more and more needed.

best track on mariokart is the baby course, just around and around and around, get proper kicks playing that track.

been keeping tabs on supersmash bro's brawl??? the official website gets updated daily with one piece of new info up untill E3.

oh and GTA4 2nd trailer is out on 28th June... reccomended to keep tissues and clean underwear near by whislt watching... that my friends will be GoTY!
haha i want to mate, if you can get me a job i am THERE, i have tried applying once but i never had a response... WHY CANT YOU DO IT ALL FOR ME! haha GOD!

nah my Mario Karting will always surpass yours and you will be bitter about it until the end of time, because of my relaxed care free attitude. hahaha

Halo's what you want to get good at though amte, so get a 360... then i will get live and we can kill everything online DAMIT MAN DO IT!... Murr will back me up on this! lol

i would come if you could pick me up and drop me back off and also buy me some dinner.... CANDLELIT! otherwise its NO DEAL! im joking mate a millies will be fine haha ... ah to be bored and pent up in work.

you about tonight Azmundo? of course your not your either going to town or seeing lisa ARNT you. should be free all day on sunday anyway mate so im up for a bit of steak and drugs if ur about... bring my wii or sumit *shrugs* its all fun.

anybody seen the trailers for Halo 3? *sperms*

Initiation process

All new recuits must be bummed by both lee and myself before they're allowed to post blogs. Enjoy it Murr, I know I will. Haha. Seriosuly though dude, welcome, welcome to our random blog of pure fuck in a glass.

I have surpassed your mediocre Mariokarting skills Lee, i'm sorry man. But I'll be supersliding my ass around the track while hitting you with a three shell-banana combo and there is nothing..... NOTHING you can do about it. You should definately come to oppo on Sunday night man, play it on the projector - mmmm. THEN we'll see.

You should get a job at the MoD dude, you really should, you'll love it here.... we're not allowed to do ANYTHING even remotely moralising. Lovely.

Oh, and that egyptian is bootiliscious!!!!!
Alriiiiiiiiiight Mate.

haha oh yes, you cant forget Jerry Jones, Jerry Jones with his same clothes every day and beard you could rape a Badger in.

maaaan that HND SUCKED!... although i got 2k out of it which i spent on a car i never drove. haha

My 360's Drive is Shagged but it still works Brilliantly since launch night... just to rub it in.

And Az... Shut up... you are NOT better than me at Mario Kart, yet you are annoyingly challenging considering you neveer owned it, but... Tekken... Yes... Soulblade is my Favorite Arcade game EVER so that would be fun we should get it.

ok what the hell!... this below is an ACTUAL Egyptian Wall Painting... that must of been the FUNNIEST THING!... Imagine it. "Dude, DUDE... Look what i drew!!! i know i was meant to draw the sun god but fuck it this is SO much funnier!" haha brilliant.


Fresh Meat

Well Az was cool enough to let me into this little secret blog, so figure i'd contribute to this...

Lee..... you may remember me from such filton college classes as Ania's Russian Programming (she was actually Polish) and Jerry Jones class were he would constantly drop his pen and walk into the white board...... if you dont get who it is by now... its Murr.

my xbox 360 broke..i have the red circle of doom, and its gunna cost me £85 to get it fixed... this will be my 3rd one :o(
oHHHHHHH YYYYEEEAAHHHH you fucker... i'm TWELVE and a half stone (11 of it's muscle).... i don't care, i'm still calling you a fat bastard.
I did indeed my son. Haha. You love it.

Wicked man, do you know what I think would be REALLY cool though?... if you could create your own charachter... so you could make super-saiyan Az, and then beat Goku with him.... and you could even make super-saiyan lee and beat up Mr Popo and steal his turban!


The game cubes lovely, it's nice to have it by my bed, it stops boredom because that's JUST the kind of console it is. Taking a break from Zelda to complete MarioKart 100% (we're talking 40 points for each event) - I have to set myself personal goals as i'm jsut too damn good at the game now! haha. I can beat your sorry ass anyway ;-)...... sometimes....

Now TEKKEN is my game. haha. Damn that felt good. I forgot to tell you Tekken 2 and soul blade were my first games on the playstation.... meaning i put in about 300 hours into each... makign me god of virtual fighters.

And yeah man, me and lis are safe.... she's home for the summer at the mo so we're seeinga lot more of each other, seem to be closer than ever. But given that we've been together so long now i think it's make or break this summer. If we're not going anywhere, it might be time to plant a few more seeds, fuck a few more plants ;-)

I might get a few more people into this blog - Murr for starters... for even moooore random shite.

Well... I can't really remember anything else you asked so i'll leave you with this...

just think about it.................... THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!
you went back to sleep last night didnt you, you great big gay. haha

i am booored looking through the same things on IGN i look through EVERY damn day. haha i swear i just heard an old woman who works here talking about smackdown 2... i... i dont know how to feel about that... is that cool?... or is she just old and fat and annoying and needs a slap? haha

enjoying the love of your cube my friend?... FINALLY i got Super Sayian Goku last night... it doesnt take that long... i just havnt been playing it much this week. lol

cool though. you alright man? hows it going with you and lis now a days? still copeing with the distance thing alright? i am ALMOST 11 and a half stone... it is taking its time though!!! haha yeah...

the bordum strikes!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Well i'm sorry to rob you of your new found fame, but i've set our blog to private. PURELY because I just don't think the world's ready for our kind of humor yet. Another 20 years of evolution, perhaps.....

You were probably about as famous as the asain women in big brother 3......................... I have absolutely no idea either, but that just shows my point - there blaitenly was one, there's ALWAYS one.

Mate, my social life has gone from bad to worse and then from worse to a fag bumming fat kid... being ill for so long sucked. I'm FFFFUCKED at work too, they're going to fire me. But they're always going to fire me, they're always going to fire US in fact.... but reallywe know deep down they love us, we're the cool kids, we bring hapiness into their dull little lives with out rebellious ways - just look at miss starling, who after 2 years of shouting at us and crying into her coffee practically declared her love for us on our last day.

You should definately, DEFINATELY come to the Sunday Night Social - mario kart tornaments on the projector, in an empty bar. oh yesssssss.

"Do it."

And as for tonight, well... if I'm not getting laid I am SO there. It's ON... my friend... On like Donkey Kong.


haha i tell you what mate, i have been lost, without a soul to comfort me through my days at work. i feel empty and hurt inside... but suddenly you came BACK and now my life is now filled with joy once again.

And Randomers are brilliant, you know... i kind of feel a little famous... yeah one comment did that... i can already feel myself becoming more stuck up and to celebrate i'm going to buy some Tescos FINEST sandwhichs.

ive become so bored latly in the evenings i have been watching Dragonball GT while being COMPLETELY smashed in the evenings... it is just AWFUL... i mean theres some good bits... but its like watching Highlander 2 you know?... you ever seen that?

its like the first was AWESOME you watch it and your like... that was brilliant... then in the second one they change the way EVERYTHING works they try to make it good by bringing back the original cast but thats it... its the worst Sequal of ALL TIME... and yet i still bought it on dvd... I feel the same way about DBGT.


anyway you cool? life treating you like the sack of SCUM you are.... see now im just being bitter because you left for so long...

*hugs*... so, drugs and pub later?... OH and on a last note i saw FF2 rise of the silver surfer... and it SUCKS... makes a mockery of the comics. quite fun as a kids film and the special effects rock dont get me wrong... but on a whole i would use the word Anus to describe it.


Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Our blog is so ball bustingly fantastic we're now even getting comments from randoms (see your last blog.) - wicked.

I have to be honest, I am honoured, truely truely honoured.

I'd just like to thank......

Too far? I went too far didn't I.
Aaaaaand he's back.

Don't pretend you're not overwhelmed with joy.

Haha... that last blog is fannnnnn-bloody-tastic. It makes you wonder how many other of life's creatures would be weirdly perceived by description only. I will look forward to drawing them in paint when ever I get the chance. ha.

You alright anyway boss? Still spooning your Wii ever so gently to sleep? What a STUPID question ay...... of COURSE you're spooning your Wii ever so gently to sleep!

I've put in about 35 hours into Zelda so far. 32 of which just into fishing. haha. Not really. It's a fookin brilliant game though. Just picked up Mario Kart too.... having fun beating all their CPU asses on 50cc and 100cc to pick up all the secret shit. Gonna ebay for a couple more controllers so I can link it to the projector and let Multiplayer Heaven commence!!!!! haha.

I was really considering buying an xbox 360 next month, but that was BEFORE decidng to buy a years worth of road tax to avoid them trying to grab it off me near Christmas and leaving me with nooooooo money for presents. Wait..... WHY is that a bad thing again??? Haha.

Me and Lis are planning to go to Spain for 3 or 4 weeks in a few months too, bliss! We're gonna live in her late Grandad's villa, and just wang out in the sun, drinking sangria. hahaha. It's cool that all i reall have to pay for is the flights though.... and that's more than covered by the bonus I got this year. Schwing!

We've gotta catch up soon buddy boy. Smoking's sketchy at the mo (though it hasn't stopped me buying up, haha) but we should arrange ssssomething soon.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007


Wonderous Blog... and man... that is a brilliant point... but then again look at us... Little Fleshy Things with lots of complicated pointy out bits... If you explaineda human to a Alien if they hadnt seen one it would be something like this.

and lets face it, that AINT plesant... if i was an Alien i wouldnt want to this planet full of insane bipeds that are determined to obliterate the world they live on... based on waht we do on our own planet who WOULD want to visit us...

ok so it looks more like a halfman half rat..but damn... that is just HOW they would imagine it.

now take a look at a reguilar human.

see now thats just as WIERD... look at it with all its fleshy bits... just odd.

life is an odd thing.

it makes everything into an upgrade of what it previously was... and its completely self inflicted... i mean we evolved to look like this based on how our ancestor monkeys behaved and lived... i say fuck them... i want to go down the evolutionary path of being a wookey... now that wud be intresting. and it would make for BRILLIANT full body hair cuts. haha imagine it... no clothes... u just pay a few 100 every now and then to get a decent body cut. excellent

imagine if this was your family photo... obviously it would be like a old school 1930's photo because of the natural look... use your imagination to see gelled up spikey wookies that have to gel themselves from head to toe to look good in the morning.

what an excellent way to live that would be.

i think we should get a wookie... i wonder if we scratch the camel idea if we could trade our girl friends in combined for a wookie... id like a wookie... id call him ChewSacka. i just think it wud be a constant source of amusment.

ah sheer brilliance.
walking around in your hoff underpants is EVERYONES kind of fun, and you know it. No onto a more serious note - I truely believe we as species sometimes take certain things forgranted because we're just "brought up" being told about them.

CAMELS for example; yeah... i've heard of them, big horselike creatures with humps on their back that store water. They're used as forms of transport in desert areas. But I put this to you; if you told someone from outta space that a camel was a big horselike creature with big humps on its back wouldn't you find that incredibly, incredibly daunting?

I've drawn a picture to show you EXACTLY, what I mean....

dude, I don't know about you, but if i saw that thing hurtling towards me, i would crap myself.

but even a picture of a real camel is weird enough, like I said, we've been brought up hearing of these things, but actually look at it - LOOK AT IT!!!!

Looks like something straight out of starwars. So.... with this said, yes, yes we should trade our significant others in for numerous of these magnificant creatures.... and possibly rule all of eastern europe with them, In fact, fuck motorbikes.... camels were what the long way round was missing.

Friday, 1 June 2007


Fucking Brilliant... i love it mate... but i do not feel jealous in the SLIGHTEST! haha its nice to have someone else to do these things so i can hear about them, rather than actually doing them. it makes me happy. it really does.

sounds like fun mate, more your kind of fun than mine but its fucking priceless none the less.

haha what you rekon then... DBZ and Monkeyball... apart from zelda is there ANYTHING else i MUST have on the wii?

If it comes on Monday then your coming round and by GOD were going to get bored of it in 2 HOURS! haha but it will be the best 2 hours EVER... infact i think you should buy us millies... i really do... its that important... OR that steak... you damn gypsy you buy me that steak!

you dont have any money do you? spent it all on dvds didnt you? WELL!... what dvds did you get and more importantly can i have MY dvds back :D

oh and i think we should sell our girlfriends for camels... do you KNOW how many camels we could get if we went to Egypt?... i duno the idea of owning loads of camels is apealing to me as all.

... haha *ahem*

I have Wii on my brain

Mate. THAT, is amazing.

*Does the Wii dance*........ urine, EVERYWHERE.

hahaha. It just never gets old. It was funnier when you used to seriously spell it "wee" though. You're just a barrel of laughs mate, you really are.

Last night (at roughly 3am) I was walking the center with Matt wearing only david hasselfhoff thongs. At the time I thought it would be a good idea - so yes, yes it must have been a good night. hahaha.

I only intended to go out and drink a couple of cokes, but I swear I taste that sweet, sweet alcohol against my lips and I lose all will power. It's my elixer. Weed is my ether.

Plus it's like a fucking "crime" for drunk az to go home at any reasonable hour - anyone else - fiiiiine - but az - the part has to be ruined. I should take it as a compliment really, but for ONCE, ONCE... I would liek to not have that pressure on me haha.

I have bought so many DVDs from amazon in the last two days i fear I may have eradicated it's stock to a depleted state of NOTHINGNESS.

Why do I feel the need to use big words when i'm hung over? hmm? tell me.

I can't wait to wii with you.

.......................big boy.

haha Oh the Wii'ing that will be going on next week... i dread to think... sweet, SWEET GOLDEN SHOWERS! haha

Gota go buy the games for it on the weekend as argos were out of stock on almost everything which is Grollux.

You in work today?... i guess we will find out based on the reply or lack there of.

good night out last night? our pool of ideas we use to keep ourselves not bored has been dry for a while now... put some damn effort in WOULD you.

SUMO suits for example how BRILLIANT would that be... Playing Wii in Sumo Suits. hahaha

i just seem Madly Excentric in my recent blogs dont i?... cuz i have to be in a rush so no1 see's me which is more than annoying i can tell u that much.