Wednesday, 6 June 2007

walking around in your hoff underpants is EVERYONES kind of fun, and you know it. No onto a more serious note - I truely believe we as species sometimes take certain things forgranted because we're just "brought up" being told about them.

CAMELS for example; yeah... i've heard of them, big horselike creatures with humps on their back that store water. They're used as forms of transport in desert areas. But I put this to you; if you told someone from outta space that a camel was a big horselike creature with big humps on its back wouldn't you find that incredibly, incredibly daunting?

I've drawn a picture to show you EXACTLY, what I mean....

dude, I don't know about you, but if i saw that thing hurtling towards me, i would crap myself.

but even a picture of a real camel is weird enough, like I said, we've been brought up hearing of these things, but actually look at it - LOOK AT IT!!!!

Looks like something straight out of starwars. So.... with this said, yes, yes we should trade our significant others in for numerous of these magnificant creatures.... and possibly rule all of eastern europe with them, In fact, fuck motorbikes.... camels were what the long way round was missing.

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