Wednesday, 6 June 2007


Wonderous Blog... and man... that is a brilliant point... but then again look at us... Little Fleshy Things with lots of complicated pointy out bits... If you explaineda human to a Alien if they hadnt seen one it would be something like this.

and lets face it, that AINT plesant... if i was an Alien i wouldnt want to this planet full of insane bipeds that are determined to obliterate the world they live on... based on waht we do on our own planet who WOULD want to visit us...

ok so it looks more like a halfman half rat..but damn... that is just HOW they would imagine it.

now take a look at a reguilar human.

see now thats just as WIERD... look at it with all its fleshy bits... just odd.

life is an odd thing.

it makes everything into an upgrade of what it previously was... and its completely self inflicted... i mean we evolved to look like this based on how our ancestor monkeys behaved and lived... i say fuck them... i want to go down the evolutionary path of being a wookey... now that wud be intresting. and it would make for BRILLIANT full body hair cuts. haha imagine it... no clothes... u just pay a few 100 every now and then to get a decent body cut. excellent

imagine if this was your family photo... obviously it would be like a old school 1930's photo because of the natural look... use your imagination to see gelled up spikey wookies that have to gel themselves from head to toe to look good in the morning.

what an excellent way to live that would be.

i think we should get a wookie... i wonder if we scratch the camel idea if we could trade our girl friends in combined for a wookie... id like a wookie... id call him ChewSacka. i just think it wud be a constant source of amusment.

ah sheer brilliance.

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Glory Rose! said...

hahaha guys, your blog is a killer, i can't stop LMAO everytime I visit it... Keep up the spirit!!