Tuesday, 26 June 2007

my Bluetoothe name is Murr-Der... *ahem* quite fitting.

im gunna be away from the pc again alot today, so not to many posts or emails im afraid.

So, my xbox 360 works again… I am a genies ass.

You heard about wrapping it in a towel and turning it on? well apparently people who have done this it has repaired their 360’s. my mate ryan tried it last night then text me saying it fixed his. So I tried it and boom my 360 is now working again, so im back on live. Lee you need to get Live, and Az, you need a 360 and live, get some mega rainbow 6 vegas games on the go.

oh and for the record Fantastic 4 Silver Surfer... SUCKED... Shrek the 3rd was much much better.. may aswell Buy Ghost Rider on dvd on Monday.. that was cool!

Murr - Out!

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