Friday, 22 June 2007

I did indeed my son. Haha. You love it.

Wicked man, do you know what I think would be REALLY cool though?... if you could create your own charachter... so you could make super-saiyan Az, and then beat Goku with him.... and you could even make super-saiyan lee and beat up Mr Popo and steal his turban!


The game cubes lovely, it's nice to have it by my bed, it stops boredom because that's JUST the kind of console it is. Taking a break from Zelda to complete MarioKart 100% (we're talking 40 points for each event) - I have to set myself personal goals as i'm jsut too damn good at the game now! haha. I can beat your sorry ass anyway ;-)...... sometimes....

Now TEKKEN is my game. haha. Damn that felt good. I forgot to tell you Tekken 2 and soul blade were my first games on the playstation.... meaning i put in about 300 hours into each... makign me god of virtual fighters.

And yeah man, me and lis are safe.... she's home for the summer at the mo so we're seeinga lot more of each other, seem to be closer than ever. But given that we've been together so long now i think it's make or break this summer. If we're not going anywhere, it might be time to plant a few more seeds, fuck a few more plants ;-)

I might get a few more people into this blog - Murr for starters... for even moooore random shite.

Well... I can't really remember anything else you asked so i'll leave you with this...

just think about it.................... THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!

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