Tuesday, 26 June 2007

so let me get this straight. Your 360 breaks.... and to fix it you wrap a.... TOWEL around it? Okay, this raises two questions..... why!!!? and who the hell discovered that? It's not like you wrap your console up because it's "looking a bit cold" and accidently discover it actually solves your problem. Microsoft sure are handing out some mean technical assistance....... "err... yeah yeah, just wrap a towel around it and you're golden!" fucking weird. haha.


On a less crazy note, check out the trailer for C&C 3 on the PC ^ DAAAAAMN that looks fun (Murr, not sure if you're into strat gaming, but if not you should DEF get in on it.) Me and Lee go through phases of gaming.... we usually buy a game, play it for like 3 weeks straight and then never play it again.... (purely lee's fault.)

There should be more hours in the day for random shit... don't you agree? and those hours should fall AFTER work hours. We should change the day to 30 hours, meaning you get an extra 6 purely to play games, sort out your mp3 player, link up the perfect stereo system, read the whole bible.... you know, whatever.

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