Friday, 22 June 2007

Alriiiiiiiiiight Mate.

haha oh yes, you cant forget Jerry Jones, Jerry Jones with his same clothes every day and beard you could rape a Badger in.

maaaan that HND SUCKED!... although i got 2k out of it which i spent on a car i never drove. haha

My 360's Drive is Shagged but it still works Brilliantly since launch night... just to rub it in.

And Az... Shut up... you are NOT better than me at Mario Kart, yet you are annoyingly challenging considering you neveer owned it, but... Tekken... Yes... Soulblade is my Favorite Arcade game EVER so that would be fun we should get it.

ok what the hell!... this below is an ACTUAL Egyptian Wall Painting... that must of been the FUNNIEST THING!... Imagine it. "Dude, DUDE... Look what i drew!!! i know i was meant to draw the sun god but fuck it this is SO much funnier!" haha brilliant.


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