Thursday, 21 June 2007


haha i tell you what mate, i have been lost, without a soul to comfort me through my days at work. i feel empty and hurt inside... but suddenly you came BACK and now my life is now filled with joy once again.

And Randomers are brilliant, you know... i kind of feel a little famous... yeah one comment did that... i can already feel myself becoming more stuck up and to celebrate i'm going to buy some Tescos FINEST sandwhichs.

ive become so bored latly in the evenings i have been watching Dragonball GT while being COMPLETELY smashed in the evenings... it is just AWFUL... i mean theres some good bits... but its like watching Highlander 2 you know?... you ever seen that?

its like the first was AWESOME you watch it and your like... that was brilliant... then in the second one they change the way EVERYTHING works they try to make it good by bringing back the original cast but thats it... its the worst Sequal of ALL TIME... and yet i still bought it on dvd... I feel the same way about DBGT.


anyway you cool? life treating you like the sack of SCUM you are.... see now im just being bitter because you left for so long...

*hugs*... so, drugs and pub later?... OH and on a last note i saw FF2 rise of the silver surfer... and it SUCKS... makes a mockery of the comics. quite fun as a kids film and the special effects rock dont get me wrong... but on a whole i would use the word Anus to describe it.


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