Friday, 1 June 2007

I have Wii on my brain

Mate. THAT, is amazing.

*Does the Wii dance*........ urine, EVERYWHERE.

hahaha. It just never gets old. It was funnier when you used to seriously spell it "wee" though. You're just a barrel of laughs mate, you really are.

Last night (at roughly 3am) I was walking the center with Matt wearing only david hasselfhoff thongs. At the time I thought it would be a good idea - so yes, yes it must have been a good night. hahaha.

I only intended to go out and drink a couple of cokes, but I swear I taste that sweet, sweet alcohol against my lips and I lose all will power. It's my elixer. Weed is my ether.

Plus it's like a fucking "crime" for drunk az to go home at any reasonable hour - anyone else - fiiiiine - but az - the part has to be ruined. I should take it as a compliment really, but for ONCE, ONCE... I would liek to not have that pressure on me haha.

I have bought so many DVDs from amazon in the last two days i fear I may have eradicated it's stock to a depleted state of NOTHINGNESS.

Why do I feel the need to use big words when i'm hung over? hmm? tell me.

I can't wait to wii with you.

.......................big boy.

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