Friday, 22 June 2007

haha i want to mate, if you can get me a job i am THERE, i have tried applying once but i never had a response... WHY CANT YOU DO IT ALL FOR ME! haha GOD!

nah my Mario Karting will always surpass yours and you will be bitter about it until the end of time, because of my relaxed care free attitude. hahaha

Halo's what you want to get good at though amte, so get a 360... then i will get live and we can kill everything online DAMIT MAN DO IT!... Murr will back me up on this! lol

i would come if you could pick me up and drop me back off and also buy me some dinner.... CANDLELIT! otherwise its NO DEAL! im joking mate a millies will be fine haha ... ah to be bored and pent up in work.

you about tonight Azmundo? of course your not your either going to town or seeing lisa ARNT you. should be free all day on sunday anyway mate so im up for a bit of steak and drugs if ur about... bring my wii or sumit *shrugs* its all fun.

anybody seen the trailers for Halo 3? *sperms*

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