Thursday, 21 June 2007

Well i'm sorry to rob you of your new found fame, but i've set our blog to private. PURELY because I just don't think the world's ready for our kind of humor yet. Another 20 years of evolution, perhaps.....

You were probably about as famous as the asain women in big brother 3......................... I have absolutely no idea either, but that just shows my point - there blaitenly was one, there's ALWAYS one.

Mate, my social life has gone from bad to worse and then from worse to a fag bumming fat kid... being ill for so long sucked. I'm FFFFUCKED at work too, they're going to fire me. But they're always going to fire me, they're always going to fire US in fact.... but reallywe know deep down they love us, we're the cool kids, we bring hapiness into their dull little lives with out rebellious ways - just look at miss starling, who after 2 years of shouting at us and crying into her coffee practically declared her love for us on our last day.

You should definately, DEFINATELY come to the Sunday Night Social - mario kart tornaments on the projector, in an empty bar. oh yesssssss.

"Do it."

And as for tonight, well... if I'm not getting laid I am SO there. It's ON... my friend... On like Donkey Kong.

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