Thursday, 31 May 2007

seriosuly though mate, find a wii and i'll drive you to get one, kill a few hours init ;-) just been with Murr trying to kill some time - today's going too fucking slowly.

Did i tell you i've got a projector now?
no. that was.
giant watermelons.
hahaha i GENUINLLY thought id seen her before... not even in a wierd just because shes on TV way...

thats wicked... shes hot, your officially mad... or does her being on tv just MAKE her randomly hotter? lol

haha cool though... as she seemed like the only one that was remotely intresting... its crap though isnt it... the whole show... i HATE IT... and 10 out of 10 for intelligence... what on EARTH is that about.

haha... wierd... mate i want to go home so bad right now... find me a DAMN JOB somewhere... i am as LAZY as you have you not got that yet?

and you are a massive gypsy for this evening... so i hate you and will forever hold this one moment against you. haha nah im jsut joshing you...

Looks like im going to go home curl up with a good book and a hot cup of.... .... WHISKEY!... does that make me sounds less gay?

haha not really, NOT REALLY AZ!... im going to go home and ... WANK furiouslly for hours on end...

kinda went from one extreme to the other there huh?... im sure good old sigmond would have something to say about that...

most random blog post yet?... it might jsut be you know.
about a million pounds. you're not classy enough to wear a top hat, anyway.

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Now HE is classy enough.

Plus, if we bought 1 million pound top hats we'd have to make a dance routine, and I just don't think I have the time for that; even if it is the best idea ever known to man.

Wii situation - I almost did the same thing with my birthday money, but they are NOwhere. Your best bet is to order one off the net mate. In the end i've settled for the gamecube... bid on one on ebay last night for 30 quid with four games. Basically I only wanted the Wii for the new zelda game, so I thought i'd do it the cheap way - and keep the gamecube for shits and giggles downstairs in the games room.

If you find one let me know, don't mind giving you a lift.

Unfortunately I am busy tonight mate - my mate is leaving to go to america for three months so it's kind of a leaving do.

BUT, that isn;t until 9-10ish so we could maybe get a pint in somewhere or something.

And yes, more interesting facts for you - Emily from big brother actually lives in downend on bromley heath road, and is in fact mine and matt's friend. haha. I also had a chance to get it on with her when me and lis weren't together, but I fancied her sister more. hahaha. Dickhead.

I'm not gonna go round parading it like a fucking knob jocky but I thought you'd find it interesting, oh yes.


Wednesday, 30 May 2007

haha screw that i am making a NEW one. haha

mate... are you about tonight? because by GUM i want to do something... i have no money... but if you can find me somewhere to buy a nintendo Wii i will buy it... i have checked EVERYWHERE in cribs causway and there is NOWHERE that has one in stock.

i WANT ONE!... you got any weed by any chance? i have LITTLE but i just want to do something entertaining.

your busy arnt you... i will kill you... nah i wont really... its an empty threat... alright ill ADMIT IT!

so... i REALLY thing we should go and buy some top hats and scones... i just think it would be fun... ALSO get clotted cream and jam... cuz GOD thats good... plus we would look funny... which is always intresting when your kaned off your face... so HOW MUCH is a good top hat?


My life is officially crud again, and though i'm loving it really at least get an interesting convo on the go so I don't smash my keyboard over my head until it no longer works (my brain that is.)

Tuesday, 22 May 2007


nah Jen bought me another one... having more than one just makes it lose its fun. haha

still wicked dont get me wrong... i do transform them often... but i amnot madley in love like i was. haha

good weekend then booooyo. what you get and get up to?

Fancy a Trip down Stoned out your face lane tonight? maybe hit the pub for some pub like action with some pub like pool.

or even a trip to some other type of shop... hahaha make a series of it... Az and Lee go to the Shops... each week we walk around a different massive shop and be stoned off our trolleys... cmooon they play Corination bloody street there has to be some room on the tv line up for a couple of stoned guys who walk around shops making jokes?

haha i imagine IKEA would be quite funny... or maybe even Pet Smart. hahaha

crazy bastards ay...

you goooooooood?

Transvestites, gayboys in disguise.

Haha. I made that up - genius.

Wheeeeeere the hell are YOU, then ay?

I am BORED lee.

Still infactuated by your transformer fetish?

Friday, 18 May 2007

it's all good dude, iiiii was just fucking with you! Anything to get you to stop you talking about transformers...


It's all good anyway mate, think Arbery's in town so i'll catch up with him, and I jsut sent out a facebook invitation thing to about 100 so i'm sure there will be some tag alongs. Just gonna miss you man :-( *slaps myself* GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF MAN!!

mmmm... only an hour left. yey.
Cool mate, well i mean let me know if you do go to the horse shoe or something cuz i dont mind catching up with you there for a bit.

haha oh you have managed to make me feel massivly guilty you son of a bar monkey... i know its bollux mate and i am sorry... if it was a Jen working weekend i would just come you know...

and for the record i am NOT picking Jen over anything... i just already made the plans to see her and arranged some shit... no excuses... im a cunt i accept that.


I will make it up to you... but like i said i will come out if you fancy a cheeky or 2 before you leave for town if you want.

*man hug*
haha, YEAH it's cool. I'm looking forward to seeing captain america being accidently stepped on and crushed by optimus.

Youuuuu bugger, since when do women have an OPTION?! MAKE her follow you to where you want to;I'm not really going anywhere before hand man, i mean, i'm probably going to hit the horseshoe before heading into town, but that'll probably only be for one drink or something. Like most of the bars i'm gonna be hitting are on Parkstreet init.. It's not really "town".. but it's alllll good, you bloody CHOOSE seeing Jen over me... I know where I stand... *clicks fingers* it's not like i've cried for a week whilst you were away... just.... dont you DARE come crawling back to ME when you want a LIFT to the toys "r" us in cardiff. Hahaha.

You're missing out on our best years of drinking and... and... it jsut makes me so angry! *dramatic exit*

Cool man, well... in all seriousness, if you change your mind just gimme a bell init, like i said, it wont be heavy or anything so join if/when you like... and if not, fuck it! haha.


but yes that wud be amazing... Transformer battle all the way... and i did NOT put all the goody answers... only a few. haha

Do you know there doing a Transformers and Avengers comic... as in Optimus Prime fighting along side Captain America... dont get me wrong yeah... it is like... what the FUCK!... but there is deffinatly a cool factor in there somewhere.

When do you finish today anyway you tart... if its not tipping it down later ill deff try and come down for a few drinks before you head off to town if nothing else mate... like if your not to busy getting ready or whatever. Jens got to do an 11 hour day today so im not gonna make it to town i very much doubt.

i want to chill for a few drinks though like i said
haha, cool!

I was originally unicron but then realised they'd taken my "i'd eat everything" answers too seriously.. so i gave them something more realistic and I felt I came out better for it. They called me a fat bastard when I got unicron. haha.

Also saw you had to give all the goody two shoes answers to get optimus.... you little girl. hahaha.

He's the daddy though... I think we should contruct and film a huge battle between him and hot rod now.

I am actually thinking about collecting the generation 1 transformers via ebay.... OR just buying all the ones from the new film coming out, but you just KNOW they're going to be shit!

This transformer thing has gone too far... it's jsut another one of our PHASES lee. Let it go. haha.
and i am deadly serious when i say this... when you get paid next can we go BACK to toys 'r' us and buy Optimus and Megatron.

We need to... there will be to much regret if we dont...

you know after the weed faded out of my body and i awoke this morning i thought i would wake to a different world... a world where i wasnt so keen on buying transformers... but thats not what i found... i woke to a world so bright so magnificent that only my bed cover shielded me from becoming blind with happyness...

... i OWNED a transformer... he sat proudly on my monitor as if like some robotic proctector... and you know how i felt az...

... i felt like i wanted MORE!
Which Transformer are you?
Your Result: You are Optimus Prime

Your a heroic figure with massive baws to go with it. When you die many people will cry. Your also a big red and blue truck, this is not normal so perhaps you should see a doctor or a pyschiatrist.

You are Galvatron
You are Hot Rod (Rodimus Prime)
You are Grimlock
You are Unicron
You are Starscream
Which Transformer are you?

Oh Yes... on the first time as well... no cheating for me... AMAZINGLY... although i wasnt THAT surprised... ive always been fond of my likness to a giant truck. haha

thats quite good really... we are the actual strongest 2 transformers... well not really

Unicron was quite clearly the strongest being a PLANET and all. all though YOU kicked his ass in the film... and i was dead... BRILLIANT!

TOTALLY stole my thunder.

oh, and....

we should have got optimus and megatron! WHY didn't we.

They were chunkier.
Which Transformer are you?
Your Result: You are Hot Rod (Rodimus Prime)

At first people think your a bit of a spaz but then they realise you have the power to save the universe. Your also a hit with the ladies, and I think Starscream has been eyeing you up as well.

You are Optimus Prime
You are Grimlock
You are Unicron
You are Galvatron
You are Starscream
Which Transformer are you?

oh yeaaaahhhhhhhhh. Hahaha.

That tea picture is a piss take of the Beetle's Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band... and I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT!!! Haha... It is glorious though, we would look ravishing in those suits, clearly we'd have to hit the town wearing them.

We would be kings among men. Mostly gay ones.

Nice one, CUNT.
I really do have Transformers Mania at the moment... i want to go back and buy some more so we can have an all out war...

for the sake of the viewers... aka... well YOU! here is a picture... JUST BECAUSE I CAN!

FIND YOUR OWN TRANSFORMER! haha i looked but forgot what he was called... im SORRY!

ALSO check this out... this is the funnyest picture you can find when searching for 'Drinking Tea' in google... im quite confident of that... oh YES

i mean that is genious... LOOK AT THEM! how could ANYONE not at least smile when they see that... it is comedy genious thats what that is.

they are OFFICIALLY our versions of the big rubber suits they buy in scrubs... we must own these... my soul purpose in life is working towards me having one of those SUITS!

haha... nah im joshing you... but really though... how GOOD would that silk feel on your skin?

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Back in work dude? Feels good, doesn't it.

Friday, 4 May 2007

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hahaha that was fantastic...

i think you set the curve for all other blogs to aspire to there my friend... it had illistrations and perfect grammer... i am humbled by your presentational skills.

i know ive always thought super sonic was a cheap knock off of a super saiyan... i mean super sonic was a random addition to sonic in sonic 3 wasnt it?.... i doubt DBZ would actually base there entire 16 series of tv shows and massive amount of manga comics on an idea stolen from sonic... its just the FACTS! haha

i love sonic 2... he is a gem... and supersonic was just AMAZING... i like the dbz copy... it was brilliant.

if i had a series of games and i was trying to make it cooler... i would totally copy the super saiyan idea as well... simply because it is always BRILLIANT. who would of ever thought that hair changing colour and going upwards would be so cool... and it wouldnt be but the fact it means someone can blow up a planet with his sheer power makes it fucking magnificant.

got a little dicey maybe with Super Sayian 3... but i swear to god when goku first turns into one i almost spermed. its SS4 in DBGT that SUCKED.

man... this is a really sad post... im almost ashamed... its like im digging myself a big Garth hole and jumping in it. haha what a metaphore. beautiful.

garth would of made a brilliant super saiyan. ahahaha

a reinactment is in order my friend!

oh yes.

Garth turning super saiyan is something i must see.

i may draw it.
I don't get that picture. It's creepy and disturbing in ways I didn't even know existed.

You've got a super saiyan mario, normal link, and super saiyan goku ... who... WHO... would put those three together... and why? What are they trying to say? What MESSAGE are they trying to portray? So many questions Lee... I just don't think we have enough time in our short little lifes to answer them all....

This has triggered another question though......

Super-sonic - Genius creation or shameless rip-off, fueled by some sega producer watching too much japanese manga?.....

I mean, just look at the similarities...

And that raises a FURTHER question.... who would win in a fight?!... i'm backing Goku as I don't think -ANYONE- can beat him, but how could I do that to sonic!? How could I turn my back on him after so many years of loyal service, so many hours of enjoyment; we've been through so much together. A lot of sega buffs would be very, very angry at me......

You can't start ANOTHER list lee.... things will get just TOO confusing.... I say we add wearing random wigs (for no reason atall) to the original list, therefore, it becomes number SIX on the list. Thaaat's right. yet another great input from I legend that is Lee bloody Adams.

Now buy me a PS3 so i don't have to keep going to Big W and pushing the little kids over to play it. I want the new sonic game; i've hurt his feelings.

I thought that picture is just brilliant... haha anyway.

The Dancing Dinosaur is out of STEP az, i told you a MILLION times its step, turn, pivit, turn, THRUST, privit, step.

haha mate i am SICK of spending like 20 to 30 quid on a hair cut, i think we shud make a campaign for free haircuts in the UK... it wud be like a cult and we would ALL cut each others hair... of course i COULD stop being a giant woman and not go to toni and guy... but dammit i love it when they massage my head... its like heavenly... of course the time before last it was a bloke doing it which more than disturbed me beyond beilief... im telling you 3 WEEKS it took me to get another boner... 3 WEEKS!

last day baby and i am off to crete... well last day at work anyway which is the ONLY thing that counts...

and my GOD how long have we been waiting for a super saiyan mario... brilliant.

we have so many brilliant ideas... this blog should be the birth of something special... something monumental... something so big that the ground itself will shake through out the world.

thats rite... im actually suggesting that we keep a track of these ideas... and do them ALL!...

firstly... i want us to buy 2 super saiyan wigs and wear them just sat in a car filming us being completely bladdered... its the only thing were missing... you think about all the videos we have made... every single one... there was always something missing... something wasnt quite rite... but after all of it we failed to notice the obvious... we NEED comedy super saiyan wigs.


thats number one...

anyway... i think im done... back to yooooou!

Thursday, 3 May 2007

hahaha. fuck i fucking love it don't i you fucking fuck.

roll a fucking spliff and fucking eat it. hahaha.


Yeah man, the camper van thing would be AWESOME.... can we surf too? well, i will, you can watch, or sit on the beach smoking with two fairly reasonaly fit girls - hmmm.... why would I be surfing again?

I might buy a beat up VW off of ebay and jsut keep it off the road or something - just so i can keep the dream alive!!! at least we can sit in it and smoke *shrugs* lol.

What you up to tonight anyway bumbaclut? Fancy seeing if we can and gra-zade?

cue dancing mario charachters!!!...

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

haha Blatently the way forward, lets do it. It can be the stoner film of 2009.

and 4 was something like... roll a spliff and maybe eat it. which i have the honor to say was another one of my brilliant additions to the list.

100 is LOADS were gona have to put some real thought into this : haha that would destroy it, the beauty of the list is the spontinaity it has to come from the heart... otherwise it just loses its soul.

haha i'm on a right one today.

how much have you cleared off your list of 100 before you die anyway? or are you not keeping track?

we need to buy a hippy van and travel europe for a few months... take jen and lisa with us or something... to avoid the im pissing off without you conversation... oh idea!... abandon them and just go without telling... haha the BEST way quite clearly.

i want to do that though so get on the hippy van search... or just a cheap camper... or maybe even a bus. lol

cant beileve we still havnt dressed up like transformers and fought for the benefit of the video camera.

so what is that now?...

1. Car Gymnastics
2. Showing your ass
3. Breaking your neck (Because sometimes that's a good thing to do...)
4. ??? I don't even remember
and 5. Motorboating a chicken in a bun.


I love it, we should make a high budget film about it. It can star you, game show host extraordinaire... fighting the man... struggling with the cliche elements of his life.... when he comes across a magical floating head... a woman with a little paper hat, stripy shirt and bow tie.... her smile as suculent as the earth's core..... it states that if you carry out 100 acts of stoned genious she will grant you with an never-ending supply of chicken.....

let's do it.

p.s. is it wrong that that picture turned me on?...
hahaha YES mate...

if we dont get a chance before, we will continue our 100 STONED things to do in a car when i get back from holiday

STARTING with Number 5 - Playing the motorboat with 2 chicken in a buns covered in delicious gravey.

Oh im looking forward to that one. oh MAN am i looking forward to that one. haha

Im in gameshow host mode DEAL with it.

100 stoned things you can do in a car....

we should actually finish off the list - i'd write the first 4... but i can't remember them.

hahaha... i enjoyed your lesson very much. You have OFFICIALLY lost the plot, and I love you for it.

You neeeed to put those videos on your pc man... they're frickin hilarious.

I've been playing this game for the last 20 minutes, some say it's boring and repetitive... i say it ROCKS!!!!...

it's no metal gear solid, i'll give you that. But it has MOTORBIKES lee..... MOTOOOORBBBIIIIKES. It reminds me of excitabike on the NES - retro as FUCK mate.


So... Lesson 1. *cough*

haha Excellent.

uncanny mate... i dont remember it but you cannot argue with a photo... if you did i guess youd be PRETTY wiiiiierd.

i mean what could you even argue about... its not like it could NOT do the washing up or something... you know what... im going to make a valient effort to stop doing 3 full stops everytime i finish a sentenace its just... crap.

haha fucking random. I would post us a photo, but dear god there are 2 many butt turkeys in my office at the moment so i CANT.

Are you going to be joining the voteing population to decide who you want to make the decisions in your area az? are you going to look in depth at the issues of each candidate and then decide who you think would be best for the job?. OR are you going to watch TV and get stoned?

you know when i go on holiday i have to PAY to recieve a text. how the HELL does that work. i dont know if i want that text it could ASK first... if it ASKED that would be fine... but then you KNOW when you see theres going to be a text you couldnt say no so you would always choose to recieve it but it would be nice to be given the DECISION

see the world gradually and subtly removing every possible decision that someone could make in there lives... school, work, cross dressing. its like there FORCEING you into it. and pushing you from a young age to have that life. well ill tell you one thing my friend im not so keen on the cross dressing i mean i tried it once and it left me feeling all, well lets just say there was an incodent with some tampons.........

i hope this gives some insite into how the world works feel free to come back next time.

*Different Strokes Theme Tune Kicks In.*
hahaha. jesus-fucking-christ. you have no idea how much that looks like you.

what with your big long white gandalf beard and the scrawny little nipples.......

Picture posting it IS my friend... please... let me join you....

This is a picture of us I took last night.

Orgasmic OH!

THIS is how i feel right now...


I give it a month mate...

I am FUCKED i just want to sleep... i went to bed at 4 and now am a little suicidal. haha

WET SACK! ahahaha that was the name of that fucking music we were listening to.

oh there will be random picture posting... and it will be great...

we need to sort out a road trip soon mate... im bored of... not having road trips. its like being in hell and them NOT having bacon.

I bring you LIFE!!!

Yes! Yes! YYYES!!! It's aliiiiiiive!! AAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!

*ahem* alright?!!

Let me jsut explain the details used for this blog - - I was eating a boost; it made me happy. - I, I have no idea. "Hello is there anybody out there?" was taken.

I wonder how long it takes for this to be blocked.........