Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Yeah I made a thread on this forum I’m a bit of an addict on, and they linked me up to a video on youtube were this kid wraps his broken xbox (it had the red ring of death not the pretty green one) in a towel, left it for a while. Then turned it on and it booted up.

I failed to believe this but then browsing through my latest 360 mag it said people doing the same thing found success with it… so ryan tried it last night and somehow it worked, so I gave it a go, thinking that surely it wouldn’t but somehow it did. Pretty damn cool though cause it saves me £85 to get it repaired by Microsoft… £85 just to wrap it up in a towel, how gaybar!

Man I love C&C Generals. The Chinese have some meathead tanks, “I Will Crush”… makes me laugh. I need to get this, but will probably end up getting it on 360.

Minimum if we just somehow stop sleeping, or find away to live without sleep we can DO all the random shizzle we need to. If only there was a way to get redbull on a drip… *thinking about weekend experiment*

Murr - Out!

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