Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Aaaaaand he's back.

Don't pretend you're not overwhelmed with joy.

Haha... that last blog is fannnnnn-bloody-tastic. It makes you wonder how many other of life's creatures would be weirdly perceived by description only. I will look forward to drawing them in paint when ever I get the chance. ha.

You alright anyway boss? Still spooning your Wii ever so gently to sleep? What a STUPID question ay...... of COURSE you're spooning your Wii ever so gently to sleep!

I've put in about 35 hours into Zelda so far. 32 of which just into fishing. haha. Not really. It's a fookin brilliant game though. Just picked up Mario Kart too.... having fun beating all their CPU asses on 50cc and 100cc to pick up all the secret shit. Gonna ebay for a couple more controllers so I can link it to the projector and let Multiplayer Heaven commence!!!!! haha.

I was really considering buying an xbox 360 next month, but that was BEFORE decidng to buy a years worth of road tax to avoid them trying to grab it off me near Christmas and leaving me with nooooooo money for presents. Wait..... WHY is that a bad thing again??? Haha.

Me and Lis are planning to go to Spain for 3 or 4 weeks in a few months too, bliss! We're gonna live in her late Grandad's villa, and just wang out in the sun, drinking sangria. hahaha. It's cool that all i reall have to pay for is the flights though.... and that's more than covered by the bonus I got this year. Schwing!

We've gotta catch up soon buddy boy. Smoking's sketchy at the mo (though it hasn't stopped me buying up, haha) but we should arrange ssssomething soon.

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