Friday, 22 June 2007

Initiation process

All new recuits must be bummed by both lee and myself before they're allowed to post blogs. Enjoy it Murr, I know I will. Haha. Seriosuly though dude, welcome, welcome to our random blog of pure fuck in a glass.

I have surpassed your mediocre Mariokarting skills Lee, i'm sorry man. But I'll be supersliding my ass around the track while hitting you with a three shell-banana combo and there is nothing..... NOTHING you can do about it. You should definately come to oppo on Sunday night man, play it on the projector - mmmm. THEN we'll see.

You should get a job at the MoD dude, you really should, you'll love it here.... we're not allowed to do ANYTHING even remotely moralising. Lovely.

Oh, and that egyptian is bootiliscious!!!!!

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