Monday, 25 June 2007

my weekend was odd..

Friday drunk then stumbling to Lindseys till 2, then stumbling home...

Saturday was bizzare in that i was picked up by luke, told to take a pillow and sleeping bag, then told i was staying in a tent on a beach in swansea. was pretty awesome, got drunk, ate loadsa bbq food, played football at midnight then went in the sea at 1am... and it wasnt that cold.

oh and i lost my voice friday night and am struggling to talk now, it's almost back but not quite, as i said to Az, its like puberty again, just without the growing of hair in un-holy places and the acne.

not a clue on the bluetoothe distances, well mines on all the time, and im working in walnut level 3 this afternoon, so quite close, bluetoothe me up see if it works.

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